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Welcome to Heritage Hats 
Largest Hat Store in Arizona

Heritage Hats provides quality custom made and brand name hats with a variety of style for customers in the Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona area and nationwide. Our customers include local residents, both full and part time along with tourists who include our international visitors.

We have a large selection of westerns, fedoras, panamas, australians and a variety of caps and other hats including the Kangol, pork pie, derby and top hats. We also carry a large variety of flat style hats. There is a page dedicated to each style of hat we carry and information about the hat's history, fashion and function. Each page has a picture gallery and provides a sample of what we have in stock. We know a hat is an expression of your unique personality and style and we hope you will find our website a helpful guide while searching for that perfect hat. We also have a large selection of hat bands to provide even more individual choices.

Visit About Heritage Hats to read about the history of our business, including our cleaning and blocking services. You will also find an assortment of videos on the site where Heritage Hats has been featured on local television stations. They will provide more information about the history of the business and hats overall.

We also realize that hats provide protection against skin cancer so we carry brands that offer a UPF of 50+ and have a 5" brim for added protection. Wearing a hat during chemo and radiation treatments with a soft scarf or bandana can provide much needed comfort.  You can learn more about the importance of wearing hats in skin cancer prevention and other useful information at   At Heritage Hats, we strive to keep Arizona covered.

Enjoy our website and hope to see you soon at Heritage Hats.  Although we try to keep our website current, please "like" us  on Facebook to stay updated on all things Heritage Hats.  For more information, please contact us.

Rich Glisson

New arrivals

We are proud to introduce The Resistol® John Wayne Collection that pays tribute to the Duke. Quoted in Cowboys and Indians magazine son Ethan Wayne says, “I know my dad would have had a real big smile on his face when he saw the care and attention to detail that the folks at Resistol are putting into each hat, as if they were making it for the man himself.” We will have "The Duke" and "The Fort" felt hats in stock this Fall which is displayed on our Western Felt hat page. We can also special order them for you now.

Summer 2014 arrivals
Be sure to check out our Western Straw hat page to see "The Fort" straw that is currently in stock for these hot summer months.

Visit our  Straw Fedora page to see our latest Carlos Santa and Stacy Adams and pork pie hats and visit our Caps and other hats page to see our  Cedric the Entertainer  and other collections of flat style caps.  We also have the Bailey Longow pork pie hat in for the season.
Fall 2014 arrivals
 Visit  our Australian Hats page to see our newest additions from Akruba; the Bango Paterson and the Coober Pedy.

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